Design your Custom Tour. What to do in Seville

What to do in Seville? Now you can visit the city by designing your own route.

tour guiado por sevilla

Do You want a different visit? To your measure? Already been in Seville and want something new? If you wonder what to do in Seville, we can help you want to know what to do in Seville.

Tell us what interests you, and design the route that most appeals to you. We have been  official local guides in Seville for more than 10 years therefore we know the city by heart, so if you want to know what to do in Seville, just tell us what kind of tour you like to have. What about a visit to a local market and a cooking class afterwards? Did you know Seville is the home-city of Flamenco? Maybe you would  like to learn more about Flamenco or even take a  dancing class? A Flamenco Show? A walk around Triana, the Quarter where Flamenco was born?  More information about the Triana Route click here.

Probably if you stay a couple of days you will want to know what to do in Seville by night? The city has a great offer of tapas bars. Why not a Tapas Tour? The Andalusian gastronomy is rich in delicacies, and we can help you discover them. We know the best places to taste the Spanish Ham and the salt-cured fish products, the ultimate great Spanish delicacy yet to be discover.

How about a walk through Carmona, Jerez, Cadiz ...?

If you are going to be several days in Seville and you want to see something out of the city, we have many sugestions and we can even accompany you on the trip.

Carmona is a picturesque small town 30kms away from Seville, worth visiting. On our way to Carmona we can stop at  an Olive Oil Mill, to taste the excellent Extra Virgin Olive Oil they produce and learn how they produce it. 

If you are fond of horses and Sherry Wine, the Jerez will be your choice.....



This Consult is absolutely free without commitment.

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