Metropol Parasol/Las Duenas Palace

The Metropol Parasol and Las Duenas Palace Route is the perfect opportunity to apreciate the contrast betwen the most traditional Sevilla with the XXI Century City.

Approximate duration: 2h

Metropol Parasol

This Metropol Parasol is a Multifuntional Space designed by the German Architect Jürgen Meyer. It is considered to be the biggest wooden structure in the world. Popularly known as “The Mushrooms” (Las Setas in spanish )due to its organice shape.

visitar metropol parasol sevilla

In the Metropol Parasol there are different levels. At the Street level a Market Place and a huge choice of tapas bars.  On the underground level there are some archaeological remains and the access to the  elevator that takes you to the  roof footbridge. From here  the visitors have an extraordinary 360º panoramic view of the city.
Acces to the footbridge roof 3€

Las Duenas Palace

visita para conocer el palacio de dueñas en sevilla

The Las Duenas Palace  origin goes back to the XVth Century.  Catalina de Ribera, an aristocrat, very close to Isabel, the Catholic Queen, bought the house and transformed it after the Renaissance fashion. She made  of the Palace a perfect combination between the moorish tradition and the italian style . In the hands of the Alba Family since the XVIIth Century. The Las Duenas Palace  was the favorite residence of the late Cayetana de Alba, a very peculiar Lady, very well known in the celebrity magazines.

Open to the public since march 2016, it offers us the chance to see a magnificent Seville style palce with a very personal touch.

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