The Aristocratic Seville

In this visit we will discover two of the most important palaces of the city. During the tour, we will pass by the Salvador Church, the second biggest temple in Seville, after the Cathedral, and if you feel like, we can also visit this Church as well.

visita guiada por sevilla

Aproximate duration: 3h

Pilate House (Casa de Pilatos)

visita guiada casa pilatos sevilla

The palace has a combination of the italian renaissance and spanish mudéjar styles. It is considered a prototype of the andalusian palace. Its name comes from a "Way of the Cross"  that started in the interior of the chapel inside the house and its referes to Pontius Pilate´s residence in Jerusalem.
Many movies have been filmed in this palace such as Lawrence of Arabia (1962) and 1492: Conquest of paradise. (1992)

General admission: 8€

The Salvador Church

visita guiada plaza del salvador sevilla

This colorful church was built on top of the ancient mosque, from which still remains the ablution yard. El Salvador Church is one of the most beautiful baroque temples in the city. It is the second largest temple in Seville after the Cathedral, and is located on the square of the same name.

The Countess of Lebrija Palace

visita guiada por sevilla palacio de lebrija

This Palace is consider to be the "best paved palace" in Europe, thank to its magnificent collection of roman mosaics, coming from the ancient roman site of Italica.

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