Los Niños Seises

The ” Seises ” a tradition of the Seville Cathedral.

Since the 15th Century, the tradition of the ” Seises”. A dance performance that  takes place in front of the Main Altar of the Seville Cathedral.

The name of “Seieses” is due to the fact that in the middle of the 15th century it is generalized that there are 6 children who sing in front of the Host on the main altar f the seville Cathedral.

There is another theory according to which the name would come from the phonetic modification of the word “seize” that in old Castilian meant 16, since originally they would be 16 the singing children.

Originally the children “Seises” lived with the Chapel Master of the Seville Cathedral, who was responsible for their maintenance and education.

In the 17th Century this tradition of the Seville Cathedral was about to disappear due to the intransigence of an Archbishop. It was at this time that the legend about the costumes of the “Seises” was created. It is said that the Pope authorized its continuity until the costumes lasted. That is why it is tradition that when new costumes are made they always carry a small rag of the old one.

The “Seises” today in the Seville Cathedral.

Today the “Seises” are chosen among the students of the Porta Coeli school. They are children from 9 to 10 years old who are selected for their height, since the costumes belonging to the Seville Cathedral have a standard size, tuned voices and rhythm.

This tradition of  Cathedral is celebrated three times a year. Carnival, Copus Christi and Immaculate Conception.

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