Tapas Tour in Seville

De Tapas en Sevilla

To go on a Tapas Tour in Seville

Going out with friends for a Tapas Tour in Seville is probably one of the nicest experiencies you can have in this city.

During the last two months of confinement, one of the things Sevilla people have missed the most is precisely to go out to a bar or a terrace and have a tapa and a beer.

Seville has a huge variety of Tapas Bars and restaurants.

The oring of the Tapas tradition

In the old days the streets were paved with pressed soil and people went around in horses and donkeys, so it is easy to imagine there were flies everywhere.

To stop the flies coming inside your drink, usually the glas was cover with a top (tapa in spanish). This “top” was a slice of cheese or ham.

Also to stop people from getting drunk, it will be mandatory, whenever you order a drink, you get a “tapa” with it.

In Granada, Jaen or Almeria, you still get a free tapa when you order a drink. Not in Seville.

A Tapa today is a small appetizer. The gastronomic variety of tapas is very wide.

From a simple but delicious slice of ham to the most elaborate and sophisticated specialties.

A Tapas Tour in Seville can be a great gastronomic experience in an outstanding environment.

A walk by night around the Santa Cruz Section with a stop for a tapa in Casa Roman is something you will never forget.

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