The Seville Palace House

Casa-Palacio Sevillana

Patio`s view from the hallway.

Las Dueñas, Casa de Pilatos, Los Pinelos, Casa de la Condesa de Lebrija are some examples of Seville Palace House that can be visited nowdays and that delight Sevillans and visitors.

Origin of the Seville Palace House

Its origin is without a doubt, Roman and its evolution is a product of the history of the city of Seville, along with several archaeological influences over the centuries:  Romans, Arabs and later on,the Italian Renaissance will have a fundamental role in its evolution.

 The layout of the historic city, surrounded by walls from the 12th century, has an Islamic origin. It is a magical labyrinthine of narrow alleys. A big part of the Wall was destroyed in the century XIX.

 According to the Islamic urbanism model, there are no rules of any kind, as long as the neighbors are not disturbed and privacy is maintained. Nor can one flaunt wealth, since all Muslims are to be equal in the eyes of Allah.

 Therefore the houses are built towards the interior, showing the alley a simple whitewashed façade and keeping its secrets of beauty and freshness inside the houses. Patios and gardens with wells and fountains and magnificent tile cloths are hidden behind the simple exterior walls.

The Casa de Pilatos

 Casa de Pilatos, is the first Seville palace house to open its façade to the outside at the begining of the century 16 th.The Marquis of Tarifa on his pilgrimage trip to Jerusalem passes through Italy and discovers the Italian Renaissance. He will be the one to commission a series of Renaissance works in Genova, including the main facade for his Seville palace.

With the introducction of the Renaissance style in the city, many of the noble families will start to work their houses towards the outside.

Then, balconies and windows with bars  start appering in the outside of he houses. Although the structure of the main entrance  of the house,will continue to be at an angle, so that the main patio from the inside of the building cannot be seen from the Street. It will have to wait for the Romantic period, in the XIX century, so that it becomes fashionable to show the patios, through the Iron doors.

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