Artistic Sevilla

Artistic Seville

This Route  offers you one of the most emblematic  Seville Tours.

During the visit you will have  the possibility to getting to know two of the most important Art Galleries in Spain and enjoy some of the masterpieces of the Sevillian School´s Painters, such as Murillo, Zurbarán of Velázquez.  Above all, this tour will lead you through the artistic evolution of the city.

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The Merced Convent(Monastic Order of the Blessed Virgin Mary of Mercy) and the Carthusian Monastery, where the collections are located, are buildings of an impressive historical and architectural beauty.

We invite you to discover them with us.

Aproximate Duration: 3h

Seville´s Fine Arts Museum

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We begin our tour with the Fine Arts Museum. The collection is located in a XVIIth Century building that was originally the Convent of the Blessed Virgin Mary of the Mercy Monastic Order (Mercedarias). This Museum displays the biggest painting´s collection in the city and it is considered to be the second largest collection of Spain, after the Prado  in Madrid.
The exposition covers art from the medieval times until the mid XXth Century. In oder words, you will have the possibility to understand the development of the cultural and day to day life of the city.

From all of our Seville Tours, this is the perfect one to understand the Seville Baroque mentality.

Plaza Puerta Real

visitar sevilla puerta real

After visiting the museum we will walk towards the river, passing through la Plaza Puerta Real where there are parts of the old city gate. In oder words, we will be leaving the historical center.

Puente de La Cartuja

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Its full name is Puente Pasarela de la Cartuja and was built for the exposition of 1992. At first the bridge was only for pedestrians, however,  now it includes all kinds of traffic.  It is 235 meters long and 11 meters wide. We will cross this bridge get to the Cartuja Island

Monasterio de La Cartuja

visitar sevilla monasterio de la cartuja

Definitely, our route ends in one of the most beautiful and representative buildings of the city, the Cartuja Monastery.
Since the middle age, this land has been known for the existence of a Hermitage. In 1400, the hermitage became a monastery konwn as Monasterio de Santa Maria de las Cuevas, the location of the carthusians of Seville until the Mendizabal confiscation. After that it was a Ceramic Factory. ( In one of our Seville Tours, you can visit the today`s Ceramic Factories.  Click here.

In 1982 the building became part of the andalusian government. It was used as The Royal Pavilion during the 1992 World`s Fair. Ever since the end of the 90´s, it has been the location of the Centro de Arte Contemporaneo of andalusia.
Its architecture is magnificent due to its various architectural styles: Gothic, mudéjar, renaissance and barroque.

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