Sevilla on the other side. Things to do in Seville

Sevilla on the other side. Things to do in Seville.

If you are looking for different things to do in Seville, cross the river to discover an historic and tradicional neighborhood: Triana.

One of the things to do in Sevillle that you shouldn´t miss is the visit of this neighborhood, intimately related with Flamenco. It also has and old tradition in pottery industry due to the easy access to the high quality clays of the Guadalquivir river. During this visti we can see the interior of  the Santa Ana church, walk along the Betis  Street and also visit the Triana Market and the San Jorge Castle, where the Inquisiton Jail was located.

ruta por triana sevilla

Aproximate duration: 3h

Triana Bridge

visita guiada por triana sevilla

First solid brige build in Seville, to conect both sides of the river. Dates from the XIXth Century and it was inspired in the Carrousel Bridge in Paris. Its real name is the bridge of the Queen Isabel II. Originaly there was a pontoon briged to cross the river.

Callejón de la Inquisición

ruta por triana visita guiada callejon de la inquisicion

Until the Triana Market was fully restored in the 1990´s , this narrow street was the only visible evidence of the San Jorge Castle, seat of the Inquisition.

Santa Ana Royal Parish Church

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Built in the XIIIth Century by order of the king Alfonso X, it has a magnificent  XVIth Century Altarpiece by Pedro de Campaña.

San Jorge Castle

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Originally an islamic fortress, this Castle was for many,may years the prison of the  Spanish Inquisition.One of the things to do in Seville, is to visit the Inquisition Museum, a place for reflection about religious repression and intolerance.

Betis Street

ruta por triana visitar sevilla

Its name Betis, was the name of the Guadalquivir river in roman times. One of the most popular Streets in the city and with an spectacular view over the other bank of the river.

San Telmo Bridge

visitar sevilla y triana

This bridge was built in 1931, to connect  Los Remedios and Triana Neighborhoods with the City Center. Others things to do in Seville is to contemplate the wonderful view of the San Telmo Palace from this bridge.

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