The Monumental Seville

If this city is considered “The jewel of Andalusia”, it is because, among other things, of the sensation that touristic routes like this one produce.

The Monumental Seville is an emotional route around some of the most privileged landmarks of the city such as the Maestranza Bullring (Plaza de Toros) and the Charity Hospital. We will also walk along the Gold´s Tower (Torre del Oro) and the Maestraza Opera Theater.
We invite you to enjoy this magical feeling.


Aproximate Duration: 2,30h

The Triumph Square

visitar y conocer plaza del triunfo en sevilla

We start our tour at one of the most outstanding places of the city,the Triumph Square. Situated in an area surrounded by a group of buildings known for their beauty: The Indian Archives, The Reales Alcazares and the Cathedral of Seville. (We visit this monuments in a different route).


Iglesia de la Caridad

visitar iglesia de la caridad sevilla

We now enter the Arenal Neighborhood where we can find the Charity Church which is home to the brotherhood with the same name. It is a good example of the Spanish baroque architecture and art. The façade of the church is structured in 3 simple parts, the 2 superior parts are decorated with tiling while the inferior part has statues dedicated to Fernando III " The Saint" and San Hermenegildo.

Inside an outstandig altarpiece presiding over the Church and its walls decarated wiht very good paintings  by Murillo and Valdés Leal.

General admission: 5

Maestranza Theatre

teatro maestranza sevilla

Very close to the Charity Hospital and by the Guadalquivir river, we walk along the Maestranza Theatre. It is considered one of the most avant-garde theatres in Spain. It has a large circular dome about 47 meters high.

The Maestraza Bullring (Plaza de Toros)

plaza de toros de la maestranza sevilla

Declared as a "cultural and historical interest " in Spain. It is one of the best known in the world and it is also called “The Cathedral of the Bullfighting”.
The original bullring was built out of wood at the end of the XVIIIth Century. In 1761 began the construction works of the today´s building that will last over 100 years, due to different circumstances. Inside there is one of the most visited museums in the city , “The Museum of Bullfighting Art", which covers the history of bull fighting. Just outside there is a statue dedicated to Curro Romero, a very important bullfighter of the XXth Century.

The Gold´s Tower (Torre del Oro)

visitar torre del oro de sevilla

We will finish our tour with a walk that best captures the essence of the city: We will walk on the left side of the Guadalquivir river and arrive at the Gold´s Tower.
This tower was built in 1220 by the Almohades, lasr Muslims rulers of the city and it has become an icon of Seville.
From here we will contemplate the Triana Bridge over the Guadalquivir river. It couldn´t be a better way to finish our tour!

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