The first trip around the world

Nao Victoria 500Seville has been celebrating the first trip  around the world , accomplished  by Fernando de Magallanes and Juan Sebastián El Cano, with countless exhibitions and conferences, since last 2019. They departed from the port of Seville with 5 ships in August 1519 and only one of them  returned: La Nao Victoria, with El Cano on board, in September 1522.

Currently, the Nao Victoria Foundation offers a visit to its exhibition on the first circumnavigation and the Nao Victoria 500; This  a replica of the original one.  It has been built over twelve months by a team of about 60 people, in the fishing town of Huelva.  The Nao herself guides us through the preparations for the expedition, the vastness of the voyage she made, the events they experienced, the dangers they faced … we will be aware of the harshness of life on board, and the important consequences of the greatest maritime adventure of history.

Once you  visit the interpretation center located on the banks of the Guadalquivir, on the Marqués de Contadero promenade, visitors will board the Nao Victoria. In the ship you will be able to appreciate how its crew  lived this epic adventure, considered as the beginning of the change to a new era in the history of humanity.

This interesting visit, lasting approximately half an hour, can be done as a complement to a walk along both banks of the river. From here you can enjoy the magnificent views of the Torre del Oro and the famous Isabel II bridge, popularly known as the Triana Bridge. This is also the name of the neighborhood with which it communicates; birthplace of flamenco in Seville. The neighborhood is an essential visit to understand this magnificent city and for which from Showmesevilla we offer you an interesting route.

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