The bicycle in Seville

The bycicle in Seville

The bicycle in Seville has become very important in the past few years, thanks to the public consciousness since the beginning of the century.

Seville has a 180-kilometre network of cycle lanes and 3,700 service rental points regulated by the City Council (Sevici). In 2015, it was considered the 10th most suitable city in the world for cyclists, according to the Copenhagenize report. Even so, the percentage of regular users is not higher than 10%.

The beginnings of the bike lane

The bicycle in Seville as a means of transport is beginning to get more important thanks to movements such as those promoted by civil society “A Contramano” (” Against the Current”). Since the end of the 1980s, these activities have stimulated the City Government to create a bike lane. The University of Seville has also created a research group on the mobility of cyclists. Seville is practically flat with mostly sunny days, which means that it has perfect conditions for cycling. In spite of this, it will not be until 2003 that the first section of the city’s cycle lane will be opened. From that year until 2007, almost 70% of the current bicycle lane was built

Impact on the City

You can see more and more families cycling along the lanes, using their free time to get to the city’s many green areas in a very healthy way. And not only Sevillians, but many of the tourists who come to visit us choose to visit the city with guided bike tours. The rental of this tours or just the bikes is increasingly in demand at hotel receptions, which has also had repercussions on the city’s economy, which now has several companies dedicated to the rental and repair of bicycles.

From Showmesevilla we invite you to discover the city by cycling!

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